Facebook Testing Out QR Codes

Posted: 17/03/2010 in QR Codes
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Twitter was alive with chatter of Facebook & QR Codes yesterday following the breaking news that Facebook had introduced a couple of new features within user’s profiles.  The services displayed (temporarily) gave  the ability to “View QR Barcode” and “Generate status QR Barcode” from within a Facebook user profile. They were also appearing on Fan pages for various brands too.  To us, this signalled yet another major brand recognising the trend for ‘everything mobile’, understanding the power that 2d barcodes have in the mobile marketing space.

Techcrunch broke the news early yesterday morning and managed to grab a screen shot of a user profile before the service was withdrawn by Facebook.

Not all Facebook profiles displayed the QR options, so we believe this was an experimental test by Facebook across a limited user base.  Those that did manage to try it out found the service wasn’t working.  However, the QR community still became very excited by this breaking news and we’re sure there are a lot of people out their hoping to see these QR options roll out to the 400m+ Facebook users around the globe.

As we have stated before, everything is now aligned for a QR Code explosion to the mass consumer market.  The proliferation of Smartphones, pre-installed with barcode reader software opens up the opportunities for QR Codes to be used in global mobile marketing strategies.  The barrier to market for QR Codes now lies with consumer acceptance and recognition.  If Facebook follow through with yesterday’s tests… the QR revolution will have begun!


News announced via Techcrunch a couple of days ago, confirmed that a source with knowledge of Facebook’s plans linked the use of QR codes with an upcoming version of Facebook’s mobile app.

The move by Facebook seems to indicate that they will be developing their location-based service with QR Codes as the backbone.  Facebook users would be able to update their status with location information using the QR Codes as check in devices.  The vision of Facebook branded QR Codes in bars, clubs and social meeting points is exciting and indicates a head to head challenge to the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla.

Facebook is expected to unveil its location plans at its f8 conference in late April.

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  1. permatasari says:

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at San Francisco, CA there is a Facebook conference where developers and entrepreneurs collaborate on the future of personalized and social technologies.

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