A Roar from Between the Sheets

Posted: 02/09/2010 in Advertising, Music, QR Codes
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The Music world has yet again been actively using QR Codes to engage with its audience and this time, the advertising world not only spotted the wild goings on, but also handed over a prestigious Cannes Lions Gold Award for their efforts..

Hong Kong’s Zoo Records is a celebrated alternative music store dedicated to breaking the monopoly of mainstream music, and exposing the public to the world of alternative sound.  As part of their latest urban advertising campaign, they teamed up with global ad agency, Leo Burnett to create a truly wild campaign to promote the country’s alternative Indie music scene.

Leo Burnett’s understanding of the brief, recognised the natural fit of QR Codes and the world of Music, providing the youth market with a means of interacting with urban advertising in return for rich & relevant media content through their mobile phones.

The ‘Hidden Sounds’ QR Code campaign focussed on promoting 14 indie bands (the hidden sounds) for Zoo Records. The QR Codes were assembled into the shapes of animals that live hidden in the city and posted all over the streets of Hong Kong.  People who scanned the QR Codes in the animals with their mobiles were rewarded with band info and refreshing new songs. By scanning different parts of the animals, they could listen to different songs, exploring all the hidden sounds of the city. They could also buy any of the songs directly from their mobile, as well as share it on Facebook and other social media.

The results of this amazingly creative campaign were staggering.  The campaign was considered a resounding success by the volume of sharing on blogs and social networks and the fact that more than half of the 14 bands sold out their albums within the first week.  The campaign’s success was due to a number of contributing factors (as are all successful ad campaigns), however, the very fact that Leo Burnett created a campaign that included intrigue, interaction & valuable reward through the audiences channel of choice has to be recognised as outstanding – certainly the Judges at Europe’s largest advertising awards thought so!

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The content for this article was originally brought to our attention by Roger Smolski on his outstanding QR Code blog – http://2d-code.co.uk/

  1. teresa brown says:

    Pretty impressive.

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