QRazystuff.com Feature Release

Posted: 16/09/2010 in Clothing, QR Codes, QRTag
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A major feature of the QRazystuff.com site and products is our customers unique ability to change the destination/content of their QR Tags.  Hot on the heels of the site launch last month, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Update your Tag’ feature as of today (16/9/2010).

Our QR Tags are for life!  So there’s no need to change the design or purchase a new T-Shirt or Hoodie, when you want to change the content of the QR Code on your garments, just simply visit the members section of the QRazystuff.com web site, login and then ‘Update your Tag’.

The next time your Tag is scanned, the content will have changed to whatever you want.  Update your Tag to reflect your mood, or promote your Social Media presence, or why not add your telephone number when out with the crowd.  The opportunities are endless and so much fun.

[tweetmeme source= “QRazystuff” only_single=false]


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