QRazyGames with our QR Tags

Posted: 24/09/2010 in QR Codes, QRazyGames, QRTag
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We could really do with some creative input from anyone reading this post…  One of the fun ways in which QR Codes have been used in the wild is as part of Scavenger/Treasure hunts, but there’s so much more we can do with a QRazystuff Tag.

As you can change the content of a QRazystuff Tag, you can create all manner of different and fun games or social interactions.

The QR Tag below can be updated from the QRazyClub members area of the QRazystuff.com web site, with whatever URL or message you want.  Not only that, but as you make the change on the web site, the code updates instantaneously.

As an experiment, we’ll be changing the content of this Tag daily for the next few days.  The same Tag is posted on our Facebook & MySpace pages, as well as being distributed around Twitter, so we’re hoping for quite a bit of social interaction and hopefully some QRazyGame ideas we can develop for our QRazyClub members.

If this experiment is successful, we’ll post some of the ideas on the Blog.

Feel free to post your ideas within the comments on this blog post, put them on the QRazystuff Facebook page or drop us a Tweet!

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  1. Patrick says:

    I think this could be an interesting UX.

    Maybe if you added a tagline like “Scan this QRazytag each day to (insert call to action here) receive a different QRazy story. Refreshed daily. ” people would know they are supposed to come back.

    This could be particularly interesting if it was in a public place, like outside of the tubes where people walk by every day.


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  3. detochomorocho says:

    I have seen the code twice and nice to see this really working, it’s going to be a ver big succes to your t-shirts if this is implemented on them

  4. QRazystuff says:

    @detochomorocho – this feature has been enabled on the QRazystuff.com web site and is live on all T-Shirts and Hoodies purchased through the site.

    Thanks for your positive comment. We look forward to welcoming you to the QRazyClub sometime soon.

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