QR Code Music Video Animation Design Project

Posted: 30/09/2010 in Music, QR Codes, Uncategorized, Video

We’ve just come across this video, published a few months ago by Clare Saunders-Lee which formed part of her Bachelor of Design degree.

Her animation project explores the integration of QR Code with graphic design as an innovative marketing tool to promote a band via a music video intended for projection on to a screen during live performances.

There’s something very similar about Clare’s project and the famous Pet Shop Boys video we have mention in our blog previously.  We also saw Kylie Minogue teasing us with fleeting glimpses of QR Codes in her ‘All the Lovers Video’ .

There is however something really quite cool when it comes to the use of QR Codes in music video or public projections.  This may have something to do with the fact that they are not understood by many people, or that it’s a way for artists or promoters to project secretive messages to their audiences.  Either way we believe they work and for the right artist and the right audience they are certain to deliver not only great marketing opportunities but also an intriguing form of art in video.

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