QR Codes Go Wild at MediaPro 2010

Posted: 07/11/2010 in Advertising, QR Codes
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We’ve just returned from two days at this year’s MediaPro event in London – and what a wild event it was this year!  We were lucky to be invited along to exhibit as a partner of Ogilvy Digital Labs, as their QR Code specialists.  What a surprise it was, to be greeted by a mass of QR Codes on display at the exhibition.  As we walked into the event proudly wearing our QRazystuff Hoodies, we were delighted to see a number of other exhibitors displaying QR Codes on their stands.

QR Codes were the talking point of the exhibition and the QRazystuff team were inundated with enquiries from some of the UK’s top marketers.  We just loved the comments people made once we explained what they could do with QR Codes..  “Wow, that’s amazing”, “So Cool” & “Incredible” were just some of the feedback we received.

For posterity we snapped a few pics of the QR Codes on display.

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With the exception of our ultra cool clothing, the best use of a QR Code at the show probably has to go to a Xerox company, XMPie.  They organised a QR Code hunt around the exhibition, with 13 different codes for people to locate and scan.  These codes appeared everywhere, from posters, to the back of a T-Shirt adorned by one of their members of staff.  The mobile content behind the code was in itself innovative, in that once you registered after the 1st scan, you were encouraged to answer additional questions to gain bonus points (a clear data collection technique)..  The prize on offer for the person with the highest points total after the 2 days, was an iPad!  Bear in mind, the QRazystuff team have been debating about who would be the first iPad owner in the company for sometime now.  This prize just seemed like easy pickings for us avid QR Code snappers.  We set off with multiple phones in hand and scanned every poster, t-shirt and flyer we could find.  Our points were racking up at an incredible speed, we surely had to win?

Whilst manning the stand during Day two of the show, we were approached by a member of the XMPie team, who after introducing himself, told us that we had somehow amounted more points than they thought possible.  Had we broken the system?  Had we deliberately cheated in some way?  No, the answer soon became clear that we had found a flaw in the XMPie system!  Now considering we had managed to exceed the maximum points total, that iPad just had to be ours.  We started surfing for our iPad accessories..  A nice carry case, in fact two carry cases, one for the MD and one for Mrs QRazystuff.  Then came that dreaded Tweet from XMPie..  “Unfortunately you got popped at the post for the iPad!   Sorry.”   Not one for sour grapes, but we were left feeling a little disappointed.. Never mind, as Mrs QRazystuff said on our return “it was only a 32gb iPad and didn’t even come with 3G”.

On the upside, the mass of QR Codes on display at MediaPro this year proved the UK advertising industry has at long last woken up to how amazing these Codes really are.

One of London’s leading marketing agencies, MRM London, last week modernised their London headquarters reception with a wall of QR codes – each one dedicated to a different client and each one linking through to some work MRM had produced for them.  A simple idea to implement but an great way of adding a bit of interaction to an otherwise flat space.

We have been to meet many of the UK’s top marketing agencies and have been surprised at the lack of awareness these codes have in the world of advertising.  This all looks like it’s going to change in 2011 and we will be there at the forefront of this industry educating advertisers and their agencies about these amazing Codes.

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  1. Abtin Fanaeian says:

    Im in advertising and work for Europe largest online advertising network. you will be surprised how little people know about the QR code technology where in Japan almost every single product has a QR code!

    One known brand has to do something special with it and it will suddenly become the hottest ad product out there! 2011 might be the year!

  2. Terry says:

    Thank You!!

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