World’s 1st Designer QR Code Art Gallery?

Posted: 25/05/2011 in Brand, Designer Codes, QR Codes
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Due to popularity of the Gallery, we have moved to larger premises… OK, a new Blog!  The new Blog is dedicated to The World’s First Designer QR Code Art Gallery alone, so please pop along and check out these amazing art creations.  Visit the gallery by clicking here

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  1. Randy Riggs says:

    I have a design for the university I work for (Rogers State University) and I also have many designs I did for my own company (Wicked Cool Studios). How do I submit?

  2. Really cool art, there are several that I really like – especially the Harley Davidson one.

    Only one problem, it won’t scan.

    Neither will half of the other ones (including the olympic one)

    Making pretty codes, has to be balanced against codes that actually WORK.

    I think the user experience from a functionality point of view is more important that the visual appeal of the code. After all from a design point of view, there are nicer things you could use that white space for if you weren’t trying to link to a mobile experience.

    (which of course is the other issue, several of these codes link to full size websites… blah!)

    • QRazystuff says:

      Understand many of these Codes may be on the boarder line between Art & Functional QR Codes, but they have all proven to scan, albeit with a little more effort than an average consumer might tolerate.

      The latest app readers such as QRafter (iPhone) and QuickMark or i-nigma (Android/BB) are reading some highly artistic designer codes (inc Inverted) – as tech improves, the boundaries will continue to be pushed no doubt.

      As for non mobilized sites… Some of these codes are prototypes and others are linked to dynamic content delivery services, or ‘where the owner has the ability to direct the code to whatever URL they wish, without the need to change the design’.

      Check back or bookmark this page, as we hope to continue adding to the exhibition in the future 🙂

  3. Viviona says:

    can you design one for my website

  4. This is a really cool concept. I like the ability to integrate the QR code rather than just having a goofy looking square awkwardly placed in the corner of an advertisement.

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  6. Custom Branded totally works/looks best. Hit me up on twitter if you are interested in one for yourself or company. @glahfia Thanks! Viviona I will be in contact.

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  9. I feel a little gipped we make great designer QR codes too (haha). Check out our QR Codes

  10. Ryan says:

    I am looking at getting a personalised qr code made, just hate the bog standard ones. Have a couple of websites that I work with – and love to hear from some qr design guys/girls!


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  12. I love the style of your QR codes! some of the designs are fantastic!

  13. Thanks a lot for composing “World�s 1st Designer
    QR Code Art Gallery? � QRazystuff’s Blog”. Iwill undoubtedly end up being back again for much more reading through and commenting soon enough. Thanks a lot, Latanya

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