Not such a ‘Red Hot’ use of QR Codes

Posted: 29/07/2011 in Advertising, QR Codes
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London’s free newspaper, the Evening Standard, has been littered with QR Codes this week.  The Wednesday West End Final edition had no less than 6 ads which carried a QR Code.

We will be reviewing a number of these ads shortly, but before we do, we thought we share one in particular which caught our attention – unfortunately not for the right reasons though.

Believe it or not the ad image above is the actual size that appeared in the paper.  The QR Code positioned bottom right (in case you can’t see it) measures 0.8cm sq..

London’s free newspapers readership profile is heavily biased towards the 1,000,000 people who commute into London each day.  These papers are read on crowded trains and on the cattle truck known as the London Underground.  Using QR Codes in press advertising to deliver online content is a complete no brainer for advertisers, but they have to understand the situation where the ads are viewed and codes are scanned.  Advertisers should also understand that news print ad reproduction has its issues – it’s news paper after all, not a 150gsm matt coated paper!  You just don’t have time to place the ad on a stable surface, focus your phone camera on a microscopic QR Code and patiently wait for the image to be recognised by your QR Code reader.  The process has to be as simple as possible for the reader – don’t make it any harder than it need be..

Here are just a few of the rules advertisers should consider when using QR Codes in press advertising:

  1. Reproduce the QR Code image at a sensible size
  2. Minimise the data content within the code to improve the scanning process
  3. Do not ignore the ‘clear zone’ border of the code
  4. Test the scanning process on the substrate it will be printed on
  5. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and consider the environment your code is likely to be scanned in

Below is an example of how your QR Code should look – OK, it’s actually a blatant mobile ad for our Facebook Page, but what the hell, give it a scan and give us a ‘LIKE’…

[tweetmeme source= “QRazystuff” only_single=false]

  1. Pascal C says:

    Of course I agree with your “rules” but , sorry, but from the screen… it scans ! ( )
    And you know what ? … not a mobile friendly website ! … surprised ?

  2. QRazystuff says:

    Quickmark eventually managed to decode the QR Code, but it was a struggle!

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