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Our clothing sales have started to rocket, as tech savvy youth get to grips with QR Codes and Social Media.  Wearing your Facebook profile and expanding your Friend network whilst out and about has to be the coolest ‘must have’ fashion accessory out there at the moment.

Our mission from day one has been to create consumer awareness of QR Codes through their use in mainstream advertising, in the hope that as consumers understand QR tech, they will join the QR revolution and wear their Codes with pride.  This has started to become a reality in the UK over the past couple of months, as brands rush to bring their offline advertising to life with QR Codes.

Outside of Japan, the UK seems to be leading the way in terms of QR Code use in advertising.  We’re sure we’ll be corrected for that statement, but we are, without doubt, witnessing an explosion in use of these amazing bar codes in the UK.

A typical London newspaper now has an abundance of ads with QR Codes on them each day.  Yes, there are problems with some of these ads in terms of content and code image reproduction, but seeing so many in the wild has brought a feeling of pride to our team members.  We have been advocating the use of QR Codes to mainstream advertisers and their agencies for over a year now, all of which have been bold over by their potential.

It’s a channel that will continue to grow and mature as time goes by – certainly until we uncover the next technology that has such widespread appeal to out of home advertisers.

This week has been a particularly great one for QR Codes in the UK, with London’s two main free newspapers quite literally packed with ads displaying QR Codes – check out the slideshow below to catch a glimpse of just some of them.

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We’d love to hear from you if you have any comments about these ads.  Get interactive with them and drop us your comments in this post.  We’re sure the advertisers themselves would appreciate some real consumer feedback, so don’t hold back – post your comment… good or bad!

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A major feature of the site and products is our customers unique ability to change the destination/content of their QR Tags.  Hot on the heels of the site launch last month, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Update your Tag’ feature as of today (16/9/2010).

Our QR Tags are for life!  So there’s no need to change the design or purchase a new T-Shirt or Hoodie, when you want to change the content of the QR Code on your garments, just simply visit the members section of the web site, login and then ‘Update your Tag’.

The next time your Tag is scanned, the content will have changed to whatever you want.  Update your Tag to reflect your mood, or promote your Social Media presence, or why not add your telephone number when out with the crowd.  The opportunities are endless and so much fun.

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Online Fashion Store Launches with Wearable Social Media

Imagine pulling out your Mobile and using it as a scanner to download videos, pictures, the latest news story or even someone’s social media status. Well, welcome to a truly digital world, because we’re already there.

Combining this vision with fashion has lead to the launch of the UK’s first QR Code online clothing retailer –  This high tech fashion is about to hit the streets of the UK in the form of personalised t-shirts and hoodies that interact with your mobile phone. today launched its online shop, selling their very latest fashion range, which contain personalised QR Tags (2d barcodes), which when scanned by a mobile phone will launch the owners choice of online media on the viewers mobile phone.

The technology behind the range works with a host of mobile phone bar code apps, with each QRazystuff T-Shirt or Hoodie being unique to its owner.  A simple scan of the QR Tag will launch the phone’s web browser, directing the viewer to a web site, social media site or text based message of the owner’s choice.  What’s more, the owner can change the destination of their tag whenever they want via the web site.

The web site allows customers to add a strap-line to the clothing as well.  At the time of launch, QRazystuff will be offering some neat strapline designs as well as allowing the customer to write a witty strapline text of their own.

The possibilities for using these wearable tags are endless and pretty much down to the imagination of the owner.  As the content of the Tag can be changed, your clothing can even reflect your mood.  Members simply access the QRazystuff web site and update the content of their tag online, so one day the Tag might direct to your Facebook profile and the next to a YouTube video or picture you want to share with the world. is the brainchild of UK based entrepreneurs, Martin Rides & Grant Bloomfield, who told us “having seen the explosion of these bar-codes in Japan over recent years and also seeing increased use of them in the US, we saw an opportunity to popularise them in fashion.  They are different and you certainly get noticed when out and about.  It’s also a fun way of displaying your personality or your online presence with the world.  We’re developing the web site, so that members of the QRazyClub can update their tag content whenever they like and also keep a track of how many times their tag has been scanned.  Our plans for the club, whilst under wraps at the moment include; QRazyClub mash ups and some cool real-life gaming ideas.”

There’s something quite appealing about this youth fashion..  The concept of owning your own Tag and having control over its content has the potential to explode in today’s tech savvy youth market.  The company has some grand plans for the coming months, with some high profile activity in the music industry as well as venturing into high street retail market. It is certainly one to watch!


About QRazystuff Limited

QRazystuff is UK based start up internet clothing retailer working in the mobile phone technology sector. QRazystuff produces a range of personalised clothing, which interact with mobile bar code reader applications on mobile platforms such as; iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile amongst others.  QRazystuff products use 2d bar codes known as Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) at the heart of the technology.  These bar codes were developed by Denso Wave in the mid 1990’s for car part tracking within the Toyota car manufacturing operations.  They have since been used in wide scale advertising by the likes of Google, Pepsi UK and Nike. has been designed using Cloud based computing technologies at its core and offers a variety of unique services to its members, including the ability to change the content & ultimate web destination of the owners Tag and also monitor scan metrics via an online membership dashboard.

Reader Download

To get a QR Code reader send a SMS (text message) containing i-nigma to: +44 7797 882325 and you will be sent the link to the software.  Or Visit

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Yes, it’s finally arrived!  9 months of research, tests, web site development,  integration of affiliate’s systems and a whole host more testing and we now have the world’s first (probably) QR Tag merchandise shop. will be officially launched at the Music4Life festival in our home town in Sudbury, Suffolk on Saturday 7th August 2010.  It’s going to be an amazing day, that can only likened to the birth of your first child….

A passionate meeting between the two QRazystuff partners, resulted in 9 months of up’s and down’s and 2 days of a difficult labour (we’ll explain more another day)..  Our new born, strangely named ““, has a bright future with a team of loving supporters and a fan club and following running into many thousands.  Just incredible how Social Media has helped develop what was a crazy idea all those months ago.

We’ve taken a short video from the web site, so you can see what our new born has in store for you:

We’ll be opening the doors to the QRazyClub with FREE membership for the first 5,000 VIP members, so don’t waste any time and sign up today to help support  Members of the club will join the QRazystuff family and as always get priority access to the club as it grows over time – no only in numbers but with some new and exciting new features.

Our recent London QR Mash up was something we’d like to repeat around the globe, but perhaps with some fun interactive gaming thrown in.  If you’re interested in helping spread the QRazystuff brand and want some support from the team, drop us a Tweet @QRazystuff or leave a message on the Facebook Fan Page

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The concept of a Tag signature has been used by Street Artists since the late 1960’s and has become the brand icon for many of today’s modern artists throughout the world.  A Tag is a form of anonymous signature displayed alongside art or sometimes as a standalone identification mark for territory marking.  The whole concept of a Tag is that it is personal to the individual or group.

Banksy’s Tag Art

QR Codes are not new to the world of Street Art.  Better Tomorrow created a platform that enabled street artists to get in contact with the observers of their work, simply and anonymously — by using  QR Codes placed alongside artworks.  The use of QR Codes, enabled the observer to interact with the artist and provide valuable feedback to the artist.  QR Codes were placed alongside individual pieces of Street Art which when scanned by the observer, activated a telephone call to a voicemail facility that enabled the observer to leave a message for the artist, providing feedback about the art on display.

The QR Codes themselves were generated from the Better Tomorrow website, which allowed the artists to generate a personalised QR Code to identify their work.  Furthermore, the artist could look at the exact position of the artwork on Google Maps and look at other observer reactions. is being built so that individuals & companies can buy their own QR Tag as part of their membership of the QRazyClub.  This tag is generated into a simplified QR Code (for ease of reading as less data contained in the code).  Each QRTag will be unique to the individual and can appear on the owners clothing, cards, stickers, in fact anywhere they want.  Our Tags are generated from our own database of Tag IDs, using http://QRT.AG as the source.  As we manage the Tag, we can also provide all of the scan metrics resulting from a particular code’s use in printed media or on the Internet.  We will also allow members to change the content of their Tags via our membership admin dashboard, so… one day the QR Code on display in your T-Shirt/Hoodie is directed to a YouTube video, the next day, it directs to an iTunes download, the day after, it directs to a blog for example.  The code is alive!

We have a number of other projects planned for extending the QRazyClub’s features such as; Club Mashups and Tag based games…  As we prepare to launch, we’ll provide more information about the QRazyClub via our members’ newsletters and through our blog.  We’ve got loads of QRazystuff in the pipeline, so stay in touch by signing up for FREE membership of the QRazyClub at – Where QR Codes Meets the World of Fashion

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The QRazystuff Range

Posted: 01/03/2010 in Clothing
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We’ve been busy doing our market research and producing a variety of product designs for the QRazystuff personalised clothing range.  We’re using some cutting edge print technology to produce our T-Shirts and Hoodies, which allows us to produce large quantities of personalised clothing on demand.  The quality of the test prints we have achieved with our print partners has been outstandingly good.  We have produced clean, crisp images and beautifully vibrant colours for the various strap-lines we are printing.

Bear in mind, no one print is the same as another – they are all individual prints, personalised to the individual.

The clothing range will not only be aligned to the Social Media Network of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube etc), but can also feature codes that contain a simple text based message or automated telephone call!  Now that’s going to get you thinking…

Here are just some of the designs we will be launching with.

If you’d like to get involved in spreading the QRazystuff message, we have some limited edition prints to give away.  Join us on Facebook to get involved.

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