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Due to popularity of the Gallery, we have moved to larger premises… OK, a new Blog!  The new Blog is dedicated to The World’s First Designer QR Code Art Gallery alone, so please pop along and check out these amazing art creations.  Visit the gallery by clicking here

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A quick, random post to highlight some of the QRazy ways in which QR Codes have been used over recent years, but this time on a large scale…

Our first one  just had to come from Japan, the home of the QR Code..  This video shows how Audi Japan pulled together a massive QR Code to help celebrate 100 years of manufacturing in Germany.

Something a little closer to home – those QRazy guys from Digital Scarborough took on the mammoth task of creating the world’s largest beach QR Code in 2010 – note the T-Shirts kindly sponsored by

Many of you will have heard of Crazy Paving, well here you go, the beginnings of a real life QRazy Paving project courtesy of Eric Rice!

Eric’s goal was to get his driveway recognised by Google Earth and eventually it did!

And finally, this one has been doing the circuit for a while now, but is still a stunning piece of agricultural art.  German farmers must have some time on their hands, or just wanted to show the Crop Circle crew how it should be done!

Post Update:  Thanks to Steffen Schilke, from Germany for the update about another BIG QR Code display. The Explora Science Center in Frankfurt ran a QR promotion driving traffic to the museum using a 4 week long QR Code scavenger hunt. The final destination for the scavenger hunt brought the visitor to this massive QR Code at the museum itself.

This one is hot off the press (thanks to Roger Smolski from 2d and really shows the power of QR Codes in BIG advertising campaigns.

Dutch property developer Bohemen BV has produced a massive QR Code billboard visible from the A4 motorway, Leiderdorp.  However, it’s not been to everyones liking.  Apparently, the Dutch Socialist Party believes that the board is distracting motorists and has asked that it is removed! If nothing else, it’s certainly caught the attention of the media.  QR Codes are without doubt, eye catching and if you make them big enough they are guaranteed to create some cool publicity.

This video is in Dutch, but you’ll get the gist of what’s being said – check it out..

Post Update [22/7/2011]  

We’ve just been sent information about this hilariously brilliant entry in the Vodafone Comedy Festival.  It is a 6 feet tall QR Code made of hedging!

To give it it’s proper name. Ligustrum QRecurve (the common QR code enabled hedge) is a fast growing, dense, upright evergreen code. It buds into a fragrant app during the month of July, which is enjoyed by many in the horticultural comedy scene.

Thanks go to Ronald Douglas from Return2Sender for this entry – the office loved it!

Post Update (06/11/11)

Our friends at Skanz always want to add a bit of Wow to their marketing and certainly didn’t fail with this claim for the World’s Largest QR Code ever…  10,000 sq ft in all – that’s massive!


If you’ve got any BIG ideas for QRazy Codes in the wild or have pics of others, drop us a line via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll happily update this post.  For QR Code to become mainstream, we’ve all got to think ‘BIG’…

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Calvin Klein created one of the hottest Social Media trends last week with their designer QR Code billboard in NYC.  The ad has its critics and its fans, but from a neutral stand point, we have to applaud the brand for recognising the power of QR Codes in outdoor advertising.

Whatever Calvin Klein does in advertising is guaranteed to be bold and sometimes a bit too close to the mark, but that’s their brand.  Their latest “Get it Uncensored” campaign was spearheaded by two massive billboard posters in the heart of NYC, which featured a QR Code, which resolved to a racy video, akin to the brand and it’s hot, sexy advertising.

The ad campaign has certainly created a lot of Social Media interest, with literally hundreds of blogs featuring the news within hours of the campaign breaking – just what the marketers at Calvin Klein wanted we’re sure…

One thing for sure, it’s done a massive PR job for the world of QR Codes, which those of us involved in the QR Revolution have to be grateful for.

The news was so hot, that QRAnywhere’s Nck Ford, even managed to grab his video camera and shoot the ad in real life – thanks @Tappinn

We love to see big brands working with these amazing barcodes, as it all helps raise consumer awareness of the technology.  It’s also great to see brands like Calvin Klein using designer codes, which are visually appealing as well as intriguing to the man in the street.

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Inspired by a fantastic designer QR Code produced for Louis Vuitton by Takashi Murakami, we embarked on our range of designer QR Codes, based upon a Twitter theme.  As with our T-Shirts and Hoodies, we are designing QR Codes aligned to the Social Networks like Twitter.  This code directs to our Twitter profile

Getting these codes to read is an art form in its own right…  Whilst QR Codes have an inbuilt error correction level, understanding how you can adapt the codes’ design is essential to creating a functional designer code.  Using the Social Networks, we have tested a number of prototype versions of our Twitter Code, involving hundreds of QR fans from around the globe in testing the readability of our designer codes.  If you’d like to help out with these tests, visit our LinkedIn poll

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