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Yes, it’s finally arrived!  9 months of research, tests, web site development,  integration of affiliate’s systems and a whole host more testing and we now have the world’s first (probably) QR Tag merchandise shop. will be officially launched at the Music4Life festival in our home town in Sudbury, Suffolk on Saturday 7th August 2010.  It’s going to be an amazing day, that can only likened to the birth of your first child….

A passionate meeting between the two QRazystuff partners, resulted in 9 months of up’s and down’s and 2 days of a difficult labour (we’ll explain more another day)..  Our new born, strangely named ““, has a bright future with a team of loving supporters and a fan club and following running into many thousands.  Just incredible how Social Media has helped develop what was a crazy idea all those months ago.

We’ve taken a short video from the web site, so you can see what our new born has in store for you:

We’ll be opening the doors to the QRazyClub with FREE membership for the first 5,000 VIP members, so don’t waste any time and sign up today to help support  Members of the club will join the QRazystuff family and as always get priority access to the club as it grows over time – no only in numbers but with some new and exciting new features.

Our recent London QR Mash up was something we’d like to repeat around the globe, but perhaps with some fun interactive gaming thrown in.  If you’re interested in helping spread the QRazystuff brand and want some support from the team, drop us a Tweet @QRazystuff or leave a message on the Facebook Fan Page

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You wouldn’t believe the time and effort that’s gone into developing the QRazystuff brand identity..  Literally weeks of design reviews, focus group meetings, with tweaks here and there along the way.

With the web site design well underway, our brand has really started to come to life.  It’s clean, funky and really rather cool.  We’ve played on a social media theme, whilst concentrating the look and feel of the brand in line with our target audience.    The web site itself continues with this theme, focussing on a clean and stylish look.  The brand logo also consists of a QR Code (of course), which we have ensured is readable by your mobile device.  Go on give it a go – scan the image below and see where it takes you…

We also now have our first batch of QRazystuff stickers, which will be shipped free of charge with every order.  We’ll also be using them as part of our urban ad campaign!  Keep your eye out for a QRazystuff sticker – they’ll be appearing everywhere!

Our business cards are truly stunning..  On the reverse of each card is a personalised QR Code, which when read by your smartphone will automate a phone call straight to one of the QRazystuff team.  That’s a call to action, we’re sure will be appearing on business cards around the world!

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