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We could really do with some creative input from anyone reading this post…  One of the fun ways in which QR Codes have been used in the wild is as part of Scavenger/Treasure hunts, but there’s so much more we can do with a QRazystuff Tag.

As you can change the content of a QRazystuff Tag, you can create all manner of different and fun games or social interactions.

The QR Tag below can be updated from the QRazyClub members area of the web site, with whatever URL or message you want.  Not only that, but as you make the change on the web site, the code updates instantaneously.

As an experiment, we’ll be changing the content of this Tag daily for the next few days.  The same Tag is posted on our Facebook & MySpace pages, as well as being distributed around Twitter, so we’re hoping for quite a bit of social interaction and hopefully some QRazyGame ideas we can develop for our QRazyClub members.

If this experiment is successful, we’ll post some of the ideas on the Blog.

Feel free to post your ideas within the comments on this blog post, put them on the QRazystuff Facebook page or drop us a Tweet!

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The concept of a Tag signature has been used by Street Artists since the late 1960’s and has become the brand icon for many of today’s modern artists throughout the world.  A Tag is a form of anonymous signature displayed alongside art or sometimes as a standalone identification mark for territory marking.  The whole concept of a Tag is that it is personal to the individual or group.

Banksy’s Tag Art

QR Codes are not new to the world of Street Art.  Better Tomorrow created a platform that enabled street artists to get in contact with the observers of their work, simply and anonymously — by using  QR Codes placed alongside artworks.  The use of QR Codes, enabled the observer to interact with the artist and provide valuable feedback to the artist.  QR Codes were placed alongside individual pieces of Street Art which when scanned by the observer, activated a telephone call to a voicemail facility that enabled the observer to leave a message for the artist, providing feedback about the art on display.

The QR Codes themselves were generated from the Better Tomorrow website, which allowed the artists to generate a personalised QR Code to identify their work.  Furthermore, the artist could look at the exact position of the artwork on Google Maps and look at other observer reactions. is being built so that individuals & companies can buy their own QR Tag as part of their membership of the QRazyClub.  This tag is generated into a simplified QR Code (for ease of reading as less data contained in the code).  Each QRTag will be unique to the individual and can appear on the owners clothing, cards, stickers, in fact anywhere they want.  Our Tags are generated from our own database of Tag IDs, using http://QRT.AG as the source.  As we manage the Tag, we can also provide all of the scan metrics resulting from a particular code’s use in printed media or on the Internet.  We will also allow members to change the content of their Tags via our membership admin dashboard, so… one day the QR Code on display in your T-Shirt/Hoodie is directed to a YouTube video, the next day, it directs to an iTunes download, the day after, it directs to a blog for example.  The code is alive!

We have a number of other projects planned for extending the QRazyClub’s features such as; Club Mashups and Tag based games…  As we prepare to launch, we’ll provide more information about the QRazyClub via our members’ newsletters and through our blog.  We’ve got loads of QRazystuff in the pipeline, so stay in touch by signing up for FREE membership of the QRazyClub at – Where QR Codes Meets the World of Fashion

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