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UK Television producers have been having some fun with QR Codes over recent months, with some very high profile exposure on shows like Channel 4’s Big Brother, sister show Big Brother Little Brother and ITV 2’s latest reality drama production, The Only Way is Essex.

This has been red carpet treatment for the humble QR Code, managing to raise the Code’s profile amongst the UK’s general public significantly.  This is just what the QR Code needed in the UK, where it still has a low level of  consumer recognition.

The final series of Big Brother which screened in May 2010 drew audiences of in excess of 4.5m viewers according to unofficial figures from The Guardian, whilst The Only Way is Essex drew an audience of just short of 1m viewers during its first episode.  The audience viewing figures for The Only Way is Essex are likely to grow significantly, as there’s a media storm growing in the UK about the series – apparently it’s not to everyone’s liking.

Big Brother Little Brother, used QR Codes on screen throughout the final series, teasing viewers with additional ‘secret’ content only available from the show’s QR Codes.  The shows QR Code (below), resolved to a rather amusing secret web page, which, if you look at the viewer and interaction stats, proves a massive winner for the show.  The Big Brother Little Brother secret page received 89,830 views,  712 comments and 1,163 likes.  With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps should have sponsored a banner ad on the Secret Page!


Big Brother Little Brother Secret QR Code


The latest appearance for the QR Code on UK TV screens has been in The Only Way is Essex, where ITV2 have used QR Codes (image below) to direct viewers to an exclusive content page on the ITV2 web site.  The shows producers have been flashing QR Codes up on the screen throughout each show, which has got the viewing public intrigued about these square matrix like bar codes.


The Only Way is Essex QR Code


The disappointing aspect of ITV2’s use of QR Codes around The Only Way is Essex show is the viewer content behind the code.  It’ resolves to an incredibly disappointing web page of text…  The producers really should have put more effort into the mobile content and perhaps taken a leaf out of Channel 4’s book on using QR Codes, by adding valuable and engaging content, which could be shared across the Social Networks?

One idea the gang had today, was that we sponsor the QR Code content and add some real value by producing video, games and offers content from the brand…  Just been told there’s a board meeting going on now (in the pub) to discuss this.  This sort of meeting usually results in some QRazy idea or another!

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