About Us

QRazystuff.com is the UK’s first online QR Code Clothing retailer, with the unique twist of updateable QR Tags. Our Tags can be updated by you, whenever and wherever you wish. With QRazystuff you can mix your own QR Tags with fashion to create your unique signature.

Create it, shape it, Tag it, change it, keep it, wear it, scan it, live it, be it.

QRazystuff also provides an end to end QR Code advertising management process, from creation to tracking scans and metrics delivery. We also provide consultancy services for those wishing to use QR Codes as part of their mobile channel advertising.

We have a loads of QRazystuff online, so make sure you check us out:

WebShop : http://www.QRazystuff.com

Ad Management : http://www.QRt.ag

Facebook: http://facebook.com/QRazyCodes

Twitter: http://twitter.com/QRazystuff

YouTube: http://YouTube.com/QRazystuff

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/QRazystuff

  1. chuck says:

    I’m the editor of The Bulletin, a bimonthly publication from the recently merged International Printing Association and IDEAlliance, a standards body that covers issues such as cross channel publishing, color management and other printing and publishing issues.
    As the new editor, I am pushing the publication in a more mobile/digital/social direction, where print intersects with digital mobile media.
    I’m looking for contributors editorially, and I was hoping someone on staff there would be interested in writing a best practices article about QR codes in garment printing.
    Let me know if you’re interested
    Chuck Lenatti
    IPA/IDEAlliance Bulletin

  2. Hi
    Please check out http://www.setqr.co.nz

    We’re world leaders in designer QR codes and our clients include TIME, Wired, Moet, Louis Viutton etc.
    We’d love to let eveeryone know more about what we do.
    We have offices in Tokyo and Wellington NZ

  3. heatherwillden says:

    What do you charge to design a custom artistic QR Code for someone?

  4. http://www.qarefun.com/

    Can brand your QR and also print it on our unique pads.



  5. I’m only just learning about these codes and love your gallery of arty qrs. Trying to think of ways to use them to add to my work. So far, just sent off a print that comes from a book I wrote and illustrated with a qr code to a reading of the story on soundcloud on it. There must be so much more uses for these little creatures than just advertising. It’s just trying to find creative ways to use them. Makes my poor old head hurt!

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